David Your Host

at Ontario Swingers Party

About David

I am a few years older than JoJo, born February 9th, 1956. I still have my own (undyed) hair, my own teeth, and about 190lbs of other body parts all in good working order.

I am not bothered by the presence of naked men in the swinging scene, So everyone is welcome to come along and play, whatever your sexuality!

My hobbies are, swinging, the internet, photography, scuba diving, lots of different kinds of music, films (adventure, thriller, occasional chick flicks).  I like browsing around antique shops and shows, and collect Whitefriars vases and Swarovski crystal animals. I enjoy good wines, Champagne and different beers. I gave up smoking back in 1978, and have never been into drugs.

I lived in the UK until 2004 when Jo and I moved to Spain where we lived on the Costa Blanca until the fall of 2019. We travel to other countries as frequently as we can and we spend December - April scuba diving around Asia and Australia.

Jo and I swing together or alone, so if interested in playing with either both of us, or one of us please check our ad at "Meet Us" and if we match your requirements, and you match our please get in touch.

I stopped being a wage slave in 1999 since when I have supported our family by building web sites.  My trade used to be in setting up and running helpdesks and call centres; and recovering ailing help desks and Call Centres, a job which has taken me all over Europe and to America and Singapore.

In the past I spent a lot of time travelling to various countries, a way of life that allowed me to visit Swingers and swingers clubs in many places.

Whilst in the Maldives in April 2000 I developed an interest in scuba diving and started doing my PADI course.  Determined to get my divers license I decided to go to Australia for Christmas & New Year 2000/2001 and finish my course on the great barrier reef. The diving was fantastic, and in the six weeks I was there I finished my open water course, an adventure course and an advanced open water course. To see some of the pictures I took while diving - go here

I produce the text for my sites from wherever I am in the world, but they are all on servers in Florida and California, USA.

I started running web sites as a hobby back in 1997, when I set up my own swingers contact site dirty-David, as a means of keeping up my hobby, but also as a way of keeping involved in the swinging scene.

I have been a guest at swingers clubs and parties in many countries. In 1998 I started running swingers parties and swingers socials in the UK. It was at one of my parties in October 2000 that I met Jo (at her first swingers event). We hooked up and have been together ever since. When we moved to Spain in 2004 Jo and I started running parties for the Spanish swingers and holiday makers and expats from all over the world. The parties grew very successfully and we had and average of over 80 people at our spring and fall parties and over 120 at our summer parties.

We have now run over 50 parties in the UK and more than 350 in Spain.

I am very happy to join in with Jo and another guy or guys for three/four/five some action including (when Jo is in the mood) double penetration.

David Stats

  • Name:  David
  • D.O.B.:  9th February 1956
  • Sexuality:  Straight
  • Nationality:  British
  • Languages:  English / Poco Español
  • Drink:  Yes, Lager or Chardonnay
  • Smoke:  No
  • Drugs:  No
  • Likes: 
    • Watching Jo with guys
    • Oral
    • Group Sex
    • Smooth Pussies
    • Sloppy Seconds
    • Bareback Sex
    • Petite Women
    • Exhibitionists
    • Swingers Parties
  • Dislikes:
    • Hairy Pussies
    • Fingers in my arse
    • Rough Sex / ball grabbers/squeezers
    • Scat & Pissing Games