How do I become a swinger?

What must I do to join the Lifestyle?

How do I become a Swinger?

Joining the swingers lifestyle is as easy as creating a profile by joining us at Swingers in Ontario, then writing to the other members until you find someone you are attracted to and as important, is attracted to you.

OK, so how do I start?

Determine what you (if single) or you and your partner want to do, Be prepared to discuss your needs, and your partners, be prepared for some surprises, as you may well find that the things you have talked about as pillow talk are just the start of some very exciting fantasies. Remember that you both need to feel comfortable with what you are going to do, so define behaviour boundaries for each meeting or club or party visit.

Go to the event, and stay within the agreed boundaries. There have been many incidents where one partner has abandoned the agreement mid way through the evening, which is going to cause the evening to end in arguments.

Remember that at anytime, you or the other people or person can say NO. At this point activity stops. Never ignore a person who asks you to stop playing, physical contact after this point is rape.

In the swinging scene No always means NO!

After the event, go home and play, talk about the evening, what you liked and disliked, how it could be more fun, and what you should avoid on future meetings.

So how do I/we find someone to "Play" with?

The Internet

As you are reading this, you obviously have access to a computer and the internet. This is the quickest medium to make contact with swingers.

Click here to go to our sister website Swingers Ontario, and start browsing through the millions of people looking to play with people like you.

Once you have found some potential playmates, write them a message. Remember that you are not the only person looking, and probably not the only person trying to contact the people you have found. You need to check their profile to make sure that your details match what they are looking for, you will then need to sell yourselves without being arrogant, write telling them a bit about you both, and what you want to try.

You may not get a response, you may not, but don't give up, with hundreds of thousands of people in the Ontario Swingers Scene, you will find someone somewhere.

Swingers Clubs and Parties

There are dozens of swingers clubs in Canada and thousands more around the world, and they make an ideal venue for meeting other people. Most have a bar/relaxation area where you can meet other swingers in safety, and where should you find someone compatible you have the facilities to play.

Check with the club before you go to make sure that the day you intend to visit they cater for people you could want to meet.

Clubs often have nights geared to meet the needs of different groups within the swinging scene:

  • Couples Only nights - catering for couple who want to meet couples. Single males are always barred from these events, though single ladies are usually allowed.
  • Couples and Singles Nights - A small number of single men are allowed into the club/party. Hosts have to be carefull to keep the balance right or some couples will stop attending.
  • Greedy Girl / gang bang nights - catering for the girl who likes lots of male attention. The ratio of men to women is from 3 to 1, to 10 to 1. This can sound daunting, but ladies are treated with respect, and only play with as many, or as few, of the men as they want to.
  • Bi nights - generally for couples only where both are bi-sexual.
  • Fetish nights - dressing up, whips and chains, oil and leather and lace.
  • Gay nights - usually geared towards gay men, though more clubs are starting to cater for gay females as well.