Swingers House Parties Coming Soon!

We are Jo (Joanne, Canadian) and David (British), we are a swinging couple who currently live and run swingers events in Spain.

We are returning to live in Canada in June 2020 and hope to start running parties somewhere between Ottawa and Toronto from late summer 2020.

We have both been in the swinging lifestyle for many years, and have been running parties since 2000, almost 400 to date, with an average attendance of 80 people in the winter and 120 in the summer.

Currently we run 2 types of parties; A couples only party at the end of the month and a couples and singles party (Jo likes the attention of several men) in the middle of the month. We will start with this same format and adjust to local tastes.

All our swingers parties will be hosted in our own home, we like to regard our guests as friends, rather than customers.

If you are interested in being kept informed of our progress in finding a suitable house and when the parties will be started drop us a line at [email protected]

More About Our Parties

We have run over 400 swingers parties in the UK and Spain, with an average of about 20 a year.

We like to be inclusive, while accepting that people like different things. We have found here in Spain that we have couples who only want to play with other couples, and another group of couples who like playing with single men, but they want the men to be on the younger side, so the age of single men is capped at 45.

An Introduction to Jo

Jo is a Swinger, Hotwife, Greedy Girl and Cougar.

Since her first Swingers Party in 2000 she has been an eager hostess happy to play with younger guys alone or in small groups.

An Introduction to David

David has hosted over 400 Swingers Parties in the UK and Spain since 1999.

He attended his first Swingers Party in the 1970's and has participated in hundreds of swingers events in 7 different countries.

Swingers Events

Swingers Parties and Holidays are a great way to meet new swinging friends.

These are the parties and holidays we currently offer at our home in Spain.

From Summer 2020 these parties and holidays will be available in Ontario, Canada

  • Swingers Parties

    Until the fall of 2019 we held regular Swingers Parties in our home in Spain. In summer 2020 we will start holding parties in Ontario.

  • Swingers Holidays

    Until we move to Canada we will continue offering Swingers Holidays at our home in Spain. We are not sure if we will run holidays in Canada, it depends if we find a suitable location.

Swingers Lifestyle Ads

As well as running swingers parties we help swingers meet new swinging friends through our website Swingers Ontario.