About Our Swingers Parties

Who, When, Where, How Much?

Who Are Jo and David?

We are a married couple who have been in the swinging lifestyle for quite a few years.

We met in 2000 at a swingers party in the UK which was being hosted by David.

We started dating and have lived together since Mid 2001. We moved to Spain in 2004 and got married in Gibraltar in 2006.

Jo is a Canadian born in Ottawa and David a Brit born in Sussex, UK.

With the UK leaving the European Union it is becoming more difficult for us to live in Spain, so we are planning on moving to the Ottawa area in early 2020.

We have been involved with the swinging scene ever since we met, and we make our money running swingers dating sites. We run our swingers events for enjoyment.

We have a website of pictures if you want to see the sort of things we get up to at www.joanddavid.com

As well as being heavily involved in swinging we are keen scuba divers with almost 1000 dives each and we travel the world taking photos of the underwater world.

When will we start running parties in Ontario?

We are visiting the rural areas around Ottawa several times in 2019 while we look for a good location to live, where we can also run house parties without disturbing neighbours.

We will also be visiting the local clubs to see what works in the area, what works here in Europe may not work in Canada.

We hope to have a property purchased and ready for use by the summer of 2020.

Where will the parties be?

We are not sure of the exact location yet. We hope to be close to Ottawa so that guests from the city would only have a short journey, but far enough outside the city that we have space between us and neighbours so that we do not cause issues with noise and parking.

The parties will be in our home - genuine house parties - not in a club.

Who can attend?

After many trials of different party formats we seem to have a format that suits our Guests here in Europe - though at every party our guests have travelled from at least 8 different countries.

In Spring and Fall we hold 2 parties per month:

  • The second Saturday of the month is a couples and singles party. Couples and single Ladies of all ages are welcome, a limited number of single men are allowed to attend and the single men must be under 46. This age limit was voted for by the couples who attend the parties.
  • The last Saturday of the month we hold a couples only party. Couples and ladies of all ages are welcome at these events.

In the summer months we also hold a Pool/Garden party on a weekday which is for couples and singles.

We close up mid december and head to Asia to scuba dive in the sunshine and to recharge our batteries.

we found that when we ran parties all year round we were enjoying them less and they were becoming a chore, rather than something we look forward to.

How much will the parties cost?

We do not know yet. We are always competitive with the local clubs, as we are running the parties for fun rather than as a business.

We will charge a flat rate to cover the cost of the drinks and food.

Here in Spain we charge 25€ per couple (about $40CAN. This includes all drinks and a buffet) The costs of food and drink is substantially lower here in Spain than it is in Canada, so we expect to be in the $50CAN area, but there will be no bottle charges or membership fees.